Active vocabulary Unit 10
1. consequence* ['kɒnsɪkwəns] a result of a particular action or situation

Some wrongdoings can result in pretty dramatic consequences.
decline n., v. to be in decline Print books are estimated to be in decline.
dramatic adj. sudden, striking, significant

dramatically adv. very significantly, a lot
enable somebody to do smth. Improvements in healthcare will enable people to live longer
5. estimate
v. to say what you think the amount will be, to evaluate

It is impossible to estimate how many of the residents were affected.

estimate* n. ['estɪmɪt] Estimates show that only 1 person in 100,000 is aged 100 and above.
increase v. [ɪn'kriːs] to, by By 1998, the world life expectance had increased to 63.0 years.

Prices has increase
by 10% (percent [pə'sent]) over the year

syn. rise*v. (rose, risen), n.

sharp rise/'increase The 20th century saw a sharp rise in life expectancy

slow down We can’t estimate whether the aging rate will increase or slow down.
keep on doing smth
like (love, hate) to do= like (love, hate) doing smth would (’d) like (love,hate) to do
9. likely
* adj. probable

He is likely to come. Вероятно, он придет.
10. rate* n. 1.the number of times something happens

birt/crime/life expectancy/infant mortality/death rate уровень рождаемости/преступности/продолжительности жизни/детской смертности
2. speed

the rate of inflation
11. refer
* v. to smth relate to

What does the figure refer to?
12. represent* smth stand for, denote, depict, use as a means of expressing smth

The graph represents our company’s last year profits.
start (begin, continue) to do = start (begin, continue)doing
succeed in doing = manage to do
suggest doing smth. She suggested going to the cinema.

Compare: I suggest that Mike go/goes to the cinema.
want/ allow/ decide/ promise/ teach/ hope/ expect to do
Remember the structures: I
want/would like/expect smb to do smth

Я хочу/хотел бы/ожидаю (полагаю), что кто-то сделает что-то

1. interest
* n.
be of interest to sb.
2. concerned* adj. about smth worried, troubled
I'm a bit concerned about your health.
3. mature
[mə’tʃʊə] adj. fully developed (physically, mentally, emotionally)
4. on Saturday/ a cold evening compare with in the evening

5. take over phr.v. gain control of something/someone

Jane took over as director after Richard retired. Can you take over the cooking while I walk the dog?
6. picturesque* [‘pɪktʃərəsk] adj. visually pleasing
a picturesque view
7. raise* v. (smth)

raise a question, raise criticisms of smth compare with The sun rises early in summer
8. retire v.* give up his work, a post, etc., esp on reaching pensionable age

retired people syn. pensioners My father is retired now

retirement (age)
9. trendy adj. modern and fashionable

trendy haircut, ideas

KEY LANGUAGE: the language of meetings

Stating the purpose of the meeting
The purpose of the meeting is to …
Showing understanding of people’s feelings
I see how you feel
Encouraging people to speak
Go ahead (with your…).
Thanking people for their ideas
That was very interesting.
Saying you will take action
I’ll see what I can do.
Making a point
Can I make a point/comment?
I’m very concerned about … (the present situation)
I’m afraid I can’t agree.
I’m very unhappy about…
Stating the key points that have been agreed
Let me summarise.

chart, on the chart график, диаграмма, схема, таблица,

(line) graph диаграмма в виде ломаной, рёберный граф, линейный график


bar chart гистограмма/столбиковая диаграмма

flow chart блок-схем

pie chart круговая диаграмма; секторная диаграмма
commissioned by sb.– asked officially to be dove
fall (verb/noun) syn.: drop (verb/noun); decline (verb/noun); decrease (verb/noun) (
findings, finds = results, information you discover
go up syn.: increase (verb/noun); rise (verb/noun);grow &
gradual adj. occurring, developing, moving in small stages

gradually [‘gradʒʊli, ‘gradjʊəli] slowly, step by step
level off (verb) syn. stabilise (verb)9
marked adj. – noticeable
9. overall
* adj. syn. total, whole, entire; adv. syn. on the whole, altogether
10. predict
* v. syn. forecast Analysts are forecasting an increase in profits of up to 16%.
remain v. (stable) ¨,theremaining part of the graph shows…
13. sharp
14. significant adj. syn. considerable, essential
15. slight adj small in quantity or extent,
16. slow adj
17. steady adjsyn. stable, constant
18. sudden adj
19. top out (at) phr.v. if a rate or an amount tops out, it reaches its highest level

Mortgage rates topped out at 10% before falling last spring.