Report assessment sheet

1. Content - 3 points
a) facts and knowledge basis (contains enough factual information)
b) coherence (all the ideas form a sensible piece of discourse)
c) persuasiveness (all the arguments work towards proving the idea/statement)
2. Structure - 3 points
a) three parts present (opening, body, conclusion)
b) logical (all the ideas within one paragraph/sense unit are logically connected and each paragraph/sense unit is logically connected with the previous and following
paragraph/sense unit)
c) cohesive (formally linked, using linkers, such as to begin with, moreover, on the one hand, despite the fact, etc.)
3. Language - 3 points
a) accurate
b) varied
c) active vocabulary used
4. Manner - 1 point
(clearness, appropriate pace and intonation, eye contact - reading from your notes is not allowed, just peeping at them from time to time is permissible)

=10 points