Crossword puzzle Higher Education

Assignment for crossword puzzle Higher Education

Vocabulary excercise 8.3-8.4 ............................................Key language 8.4 exercise

Asking for information letter worksheet

This Video is all about "Nurturing the Love of Learning" produced by the American Montessori Society.

Questions for discussion:
  1. Why do many parents opt for Montessori School?
  2. What is the cornerstone of Montessori philosophy? How is it connected with the sense of pride the kids feel?
  3. What allows children to organize their thinking and problem solving skills in a clear way?
  4. What is so particular about the Preschool curriculum?
  5. Why should a class «be beautiful»?
  6. What is the primary emphasis put on in learning Language? What skills are principally developed?
  7. What`s the key teacher`s role in nurturing in MS?
  8. Why do the children enjoy the process rather than the product?

Video Rugby School

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”


Gender differences in school development

What do the words mean in American hight school

Freshman at Brown University

What can I do after school

Track 2.9

"Too many kids go to college" debate on Intelligence Squared
The full script is here

Rate My Professor

(for those who are interested in acquiring new vocabulary for describing a teacher)