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Henry Dreyfuss's /'drai -/ designs
external image henrydreyfuss02.jpgexternal image 4040601474_d2b341c08b.jpgexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRta3aaY_O2h1P16n5iuYGQ9BfrWaltBpfzD6m6xguhjvg5pwo8cAexternal image 225px-Hoover_ad_(1957).jpg
external image henry-dreyfuss-products.jpg
Henry Dreyfuss was born to immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York in 1904. In his early years Dreyfuss mainly focused his efforts in the theatre designing costumes, sets, and lighting for the Strand Theater in New York. He later chose a career in industrial design. Industrial designers focus on making products people use every day easier to use; “Form Follows Function”. Dreyfuss worked to make household objects such as thermostats, tractors, and phones as user friendly as possible while still keeping safety in mind. Today we often take these designs for granted, even though a lot of planning and thought went in to each design.

You can read about Henry Dreyfuss here:
Vernan Panton's (Denmark) seatings
external image panton3.jpgexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTFNt4dMlan6yt3dCS7KBVzN5ruG005tK02RfdfdV489ZifHZ3aexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSInbnOPt9ZqMpFsM5gO2eiGjrfU27HvJ-olasaf-Qqzw21A9gp0Aexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR8pqG_6qQSL835yhmlRIgYT7X89gttgqp2QdlmBK4JqofV1E1Xng
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQy0EVRK4Qzt5ViPfeWpRXCXvl0vEefuS-shz9b-xCoZVntTHog
You can visit Vernan Panton private online musem following the link: His biography is there as well.

Panton’s passion for geometric shapes and bright colouring led him to branch out into a range of textiles, furniture design, upholstery, and even lighting. His permanent place in the history of design was secured by his approach to viewing a room or space as a unified whole.

Obituary: Vernon Panton (the Independence newspaper)

Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair, Plastic Puppies and Pony, Pastil Chair
Eero Arnio's profile can be read on his official site

Eero Aarnio (99177)
Eero Aarnio (99177)
Eero Aarnio: Puppy Abstract Dog Modern Child Chair / Sculpture - Small
Eero Aarnio: Puppy Abstract Dog Modern Child Chair / Sculpture - Small

The Finnish designer (b.1932) is one of the great innovators of modern furniture design. In the 1960s, Eero Aarnio began experimenting with plastics, vivid colors and organic forms, breaking away from traditional design conventions.This gave birth to objects oscillating between function and fun - but always fascinating ones. His now iconic plastic creations include the Ball (1963), the Pastil (1968), and the Bubble (1968) chairs which echo the pop culture and spirit of their time. Many of Aarnio's works are included in the world's most prestigious museums, including Victoria and Albert Museum in London, MoMA in New York .

Andre Courreges' space age clothing and footwear designs

external image andr-courrges_332.jpgexternal image Andre_picnik.jpgexternal image IC00507_1.jpg

For more detail about Courreges and his designs read
Jane Atfield's recycled furniture - transformed from various discarded consumer objects
Article about Jane Atfield in the Independence newspaper:
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRtzi3RXphEtQUfJx3R-1A4vbpzZhYqPf4U8xbsKX4GDr3nSPMdAgexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRfQy23trOOvmyNMqcXF77uJtsQnOurRXxXqWE7UUQ6bKdgyyKCexternal image n524.jpg

Trevor Baylis's windup radio or clockwork radio that is powered by human muscle power rather than batteries. Nn internal electrical generator is run by a mainspring, which is wound by a hand crank on the case. Was intended for camping, emergencies and for use in areas of the world where there is noelectrical grid and replacement batteries are hard to obtain,

external image 300px-Clockwork_Radio.JPGexternal image FPSLyellow125107.gif
Trevor inspecting his invention
Trevor inspecting his invention

About Trevor Baylis

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Video about Sanyo Eneloop EBike (start watching at 3 min.12sec.)

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