September 8
1. Course Book (CB) Unit 1.1
Tasks 2, 3 (recording 1.2 CB 1.1 ex.3b)
Task 4 Think of a character from a well-known book, movie, animated cartoon, computer game. Choose three or four adjectives from tasks 2 and 3 to describe him\her. Explain why you described them like that.
Task 5 Listen to the recording 1.3 (recording 1.3, check your understanding with the script on p.169
write a detailed personality description of the three people talking: Christina, Helen, George
2. Study vocabulary list 1.1 a
Active vocabulary list Unit 1
Unit 1.1
a) Traits of character/personal traits
1. adventurous
2. ambitious, ant. unambitious
3. assertive
4. bossy
5. cautious
6. creative
7. easy-going
8. energetic
9. even-tempered, ant. quick-tempered
10. generous, ant. stingy
11. hard-working
12. moody
13. open-minded ant. narrow-minded
14. organized ant. disorgenised
15. patient, ant. impatient
16. reliable, ant. unreliable
17. quiet
18. sensible, syn. reasonable
19. sensitive, ant. insensitive
20. serious, ant. light-minded
21. sociable, ant. unsociable
22. strong-willed
23. talkative
24. thoughtful, ant. inconsiderate
25. to look like to be like
John is not like his dad at all, in fact, they are very different. But he looks exactly like his father when he was the same age.
26. to take smth/smb seriously
27. to be interested in smth
28. (to have) a (good) sense of humour
29. to be different from
30. to tell smth from (smb’s) appearance – определять что-либо по внешнему виду
31. to mean (meant, meant) smth by smth.
What do you mean by the word “assertive”

3. Workbook (WB) Unit 1.1, ex.1-3.
4. Study quizlet test up to the expression "mean by" using flash cards (translate the vocab items from Russian into English and back)
5. (IF POSSIBLE) Do the exercises vocab game 1, vocab game 2, vocab 1.1, 1.1 prepositions

6. Write a character sketch of yourself using the vocab above (5-6 sentences). Prove that you have character traits you claim to possess (the way the people on recording 1.3 did).

September 11

1) Read the article about Carl Yung on p.7 carefully, paying attention to every detail. Write a paragraph about your personality type: extrovert, introvert or smth in between (ambivert), supply facts and definitions from the text about Carl Jung to illustrate the points you make.
2) Study Active vocabulary 1.1 NN32-36 (the link is to the whole vocab list of Unit 1). Do ex 1.1
3) Do translation 1.1.
4) Do interactive ex. vocab 1.1NN25-31 (once again to check your knowledge of active vocab 1.1 NN 25-31). Do quizlet set 1.1 to drill the vocab.
5) Watch the video The power of introverts (the full script in English is available on the site) and do the tasks below:
1. Find more adjectives, characterizing extroverts and introverts. Add them to your vocab list. E.g.: Extroverts: rowdy, outgoing...Introverts: mellow, antisocial...
2. What bias concerning introverts does Western society have? Why is it the case?
3. What is the power of introverts?
4. What recommendations does Susan give to both introverts and extroverts so that our world could become a better place?

September 18

1. CB 1.3: prepare a good reading of the text An Indefinable Quality (as if you were reading a text accompanying a video). Then do tasks 3a-8a.
2. WB 1.3: task.1 р.7 (translate the sentences into Russian); task 6 р.8. Do interactive prefixes 1.3 e.
3. Active vocabulary 1.3 (if you haven't downloaded the vocab for Unit 1 yet, click the link Active vocabulary 1.1). Do quizlet set 1.3.
Do interactive prepositions 1.2-1.3 ex. If no preposition is required tap in "0".
Translate into English, using the active vocab:1) Кто вышел замуж за этого успешного телеведущего?
2) За сколькими мужчинами была замужем Мэрилин Монро?
3)На каких женщинах обычно женятся высоко интеллектуальные мужчины?
4) Она относительно популярная ведущая шоу, хотя ей не всегда удается наладить контакт с аудиторией.
5) Будучи мощным лидером, он не обладал особым красноречием и избегал находиться в центре внимания.
6) - Что вас притягивает к людям? - Преимущественно ум, доброта и чувство юмора.
4. Prepare a short profile (10-15 sentences) of a charismatic celebrity (you may speak about one of those discussed in the article Indefinable quality (B.Clinton, M.Monroe, O.Winfrey) using information from CB and extra information from WWW). Prove that the person you've chosen is really charismatic (his/her personality meets the criteria outlined in the article).

Present it to the class (will be allowed only 2 minutes, do the timing). You may do a group presentation (2 to 3 students. In that case a group may speak for 4 to 5 minues, respectively.)